This is not a running post

And all the people cheered 🙂

Since it’s almost the weekend (Thursday! yay!) I thought I’d post something a bit more fun and lighthearted on top of my totally awesome post on tempo runs.

Earlier this week I went to Holt and picked up some nail polish. I have, err, an addiction to nail polish. I love it and I especially love butterLONDON nail polishes. At last count I have around 70ish bottle of nail polish. Lucky for me I had some gift cards to Holt and picked up six (yay!) new colours for FREE. HOORAY for FREE!

Since I’m 30 going on 17 and I read somewhere that black nail polish is now cool I decided to paint my fingers black. How very goth of me. I also used a matte topcoat because I love the matte look, although I have no clue if it’s cool or not 🙂

photo (83)

The main problem I have with nail polish is that my nails chip so easily (hello, first world problem!).

However. I totally solved it.

I’ve been colouring in my chips with a black sharpie…….and, all of a sudden I’m 13 and back in Grade 8. Heh.

I also have quite the collection of sharpies, so I will now be matching my nail polish to my sharpie collection so I can fix my chips at work.

photo (87)

See those neon ones?!

They glow under black light. No joke.

Now to figure out 1) how to incorporate neon sharpies into audit reports and 2) how to convince my boss to read my audit reports under black lights.

In addition to my fingers, I also painted my toes because no one wants to see my gross toenail anymore.

photo (89)

photo (88)

Okay, so my feet are still kinda gross looking, but whatevs 🙂

Since I’m sure you all care, I have more awesome pens that glow under black light sharpies.

photo (86)

Fine point sharpies are pretty much the greatest pen in the world. If you take them from me I will cut you.

I’m not really kidding about that last point.

photo (85)

Also awesome? Erasable highlighters. Seriously.

photo (84)

Finally, the most cheerful mouse in the world, and also the grosses mouse pad in the world.

Sorry I’m not sorry.


Totally unrelated pens and nail polish……..

I don’t really check my blog stats, oh, ever, because I figure I have all of three readers and all of them are probably my family (hi Debbie!) but this week I noticed people are reading from Switzerland, Germany and the UK, how freaking cool is that?!

I mean, I know I’m the shiz-nit and all and I’m sure people run in those countries, but I’m super interested in knowing how y’alls found my blog. I’m totally pumped about this.

Hi new friends!! 🙂 If you’re brave enough, leave me a comment and let me know how you found me!

Do you paint your nails regularly?

Leave me a comment and tell me where you’re from and how you found my blog 🙂

5 thoughts on “This is not a running post

  1. Hello, I might be your UK reader? I found your blog a while back through dooce (I think you might have commented on something there). I do run as well, and I do paint my nails, too (toes only though!). I check by regularly and was really disappointed when you closed your old blog but was so happy that you posted the link to the here 🙂
    Keep up the posting, I definitely enjoy reading you. Have a wonderful weekend! Greetings from London, UK 🙂

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  3. I’m from Richmond and I found you because I know you. But I’ve never met you. This isn’t a very thrilling story, sorry.

    I don’t paint my nails because I’m lazy. I always admire your nails and Becky’s from afar…maybe one day I’ll be a real girl.

    • Triciaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – I love you and you are wonderful!

      I will paint your nails when we are in ORLANDO!!!!!!!!! <– said in the sing songy Book of Mormon way, obviously.

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