Eating Like a Runner: Part 2

I know people are 50/50 on whether or not they love or hate reading about food. People are also 50/50 on whether they give a crap about fitness and running, but, since this is my blog, I can do what I want 😉

After talking about not counting calories, I decided to log calories for today so everyone can get a sense of how much I’m eating and when I’m eating. I’m definitely a learn by example kinda gal, and I’ve always appreciated people being honest and having illustrative examples.

So, what do I eat on a typical day?


photo (71)

Coffee. Always coffee. The first thing I do when I finally get out of bed (after hitting snooze a zillion times) is turn on my coffee maker. Bonus this week? Bailey’s creamers. Mmmmmm.

photo (72)

 photo (73)

Breakfast smoothie with Vega One powder. Love it!

photo (89)

Morning Snack

photo (75) 1/4 cup of trail mix. Yes, I do measure it out!

photo (94)


photo (76) Veggie sandwich. As someone who really dislikes sandwiches, this is amazing!

photo (90)

Afternoon Snack

photo (74) Banana and cheese stick. Keeps me full and energized when I have a run in the evening.

photo (91)


photo (77) Watermelon juice. Recipe coming soon, this stuff is gooooood!photo (78)Beer. Because beer.

photo (79)

Mixed veggies with 4oz of steak and topped with a bit of tomato basil sauce. Mmmmm. Yummy

photo (92)

Evening Snack

 photo (80) Jelly belly jelly beans. I’m sure no explanation is needed here 🙂

photo (93)

So, how did this day shake out?

Here is it per MyFitnessPal…..

photo (88)

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