#SeaWheeze – The other stuff

I’ll bet you thought after the shopping and running I’d be done with posting? Nope. Not a chance 🙂 Vancouver is such an amazing city, I wanted to include a post about the other stuff I did – although there is so much more than what I did!

Sunday morning I slept in a bit, laid in bed for a bit, and then took myself on a walk for brunch at Chewies in Kitsalino. Chewies came recommended by both the Food Network and by lululemon, so I definitely wanted to give it a try! I had the crab cake eggs benedict for breakfast and it didn’t disappoint. They also have an oyster bar, but I wasn’t feeling oysters at 10:30am 🙂

photo (66)

photo (65)

While i was eating it started raining buckets. Boo. I managed to find a Car2Go car nearby and debated between heading to the hotel or to Van Dusen Gardens. Thankfully the rain started to let up as I was driving so I decided to risk it and head to the gardens. I’m super pumped I drove in Vancouver and didn’t get lost! I picked the perfect time to head to Van Dusen as the rain scared everyone away and the lighting was truly amazing.

I walked around for two hours and took over 300 pictures of the flowers in the gardens. It was such a peaceful way to spend part of my Sunday.

photo (55) photo (56) photo (57) photo (58)

After Van Dusen I drove back to my hotel, dropped off my big camera and headed down Robson. I had shopped myself out on Friday, but if you’re looking to shop in Vancouver, Robson is the place to do it for sure! My trip was to pick up some oils at Saje Wellness and peanut butter at Whole Foods. Man, oh man, do I ever wish Calgary had a Whole Foods. We do have a health food market, but it is nothing like the amazingness of Whole Foods!

photo (60)

After walking myself out, I chilled in my hotel room for a bit before researching places for dinner. Whenever I travel I do my best to eat a local restaurnts and avoid the chains. Not that chain restaurants are bad, but I do like trying local fare whenever possible, and in Vancouver, that means seafood!

The Mill came recommended by lululemon AND it was located on the seawall. Local dinner outside? Done!

I enjoyed two beer cocktails: cucumber blonde (cucumber, gin, lemonade and blonde lager) and a golden callidac (Grand Marnier, OJ, honey lager and a salted rim) alongside my seafood pasta. (In case you’re wondering, yes, I do eat ALL THE FOOD the day after a race!).

photo (54)

photo (52)

photo (53)

photo (51)

photo (50)

photo (49)

After dinner I went to Bella Gelateria. I had seen a HUGE line up on Saturday evening, so I KNEW the gelato had to be good. It was amazing. I had a two scoop dish with lavender and an east indian flavour with rosewater, saffron and pistachio. (It was so good I went back on Monday before heading back to the airport and had lavender and earl grey!).

photo (48) photo (47)

photo (46)

photo (43)

There is FAR more to do in Vancouver than the little I did. I’d really like to try paddleboarding or even paddleboard yoga (Kelowna has paddleboard yoga, so I might have to check that out over Labour Day) next time I’m in town.

And now? Time to head home to my bed and my kitty 🙂

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