#SeaWheeze Day 1: The Goods

It’s currently 3pm Vancouver time and I had originally hoped to be napping right now, but my body just isn’t cooperating. Instead of going to bed at a decent hour last night, I stayed up until nearly 1am and was up at 5:30am to catch my flight to Vancouver. Whoops. That didn’t go exactly as planned. Instead of napping, I’m waiting to digest a delicious lunch of fish tacos before I head up for a quick run to warm up my legs for the race tomorrow. Ack! Tomorrow!!

I’m also chilling in VanCity by myself for the next few days. Originally I was supposed to have some company on this trip, but life happens (actually, work happens) and it didn’t work out, so I’m making the best of it 🙂

After landing I made friends (who are also running and are also staying at my hotel) and we took transit into downtown (and later learned it would have been cheaper for the 4 of us to split a cab, but only a few dollars per person, but still……) and we were all able to check into our rooms before 10am. Hooray!

I immediately headed to the Convention Centre as I heard rumours of super long lines. On the way I made another friend, and we chatted the whole walk there and also hung out in line together. For an hour. Seriously. Thankfully my dear friend Lexie was able to get there a bit earlier and we skipped a portion of wait. Thanks Lexie!

I heard grumblings about it being disorganized, but aside from having to usher 10,014 people through package pick up, I didn’t notice any disorganization at all. After picking up our race packages, which include an awesome wristband instead of a bib (yay!) we hoped in the line for the store. (Let’s face it, that’s what we care about, right?!)

photo (25)

photo (16)

The store all set up Thursday night in preparation for today. So pretty!

All-in-all it took about 2 hours to go from arriving at the Convention Centre to walking out of the store with our goods, so I’d say that wasn’t terribly bad at all.

I did hear stories about the store selling out early last year and noticed a few items in the more popular sizes were already quite low by noon on Saturday, but there was a 15 item limit and, aside from a few, it looked like people were honouring those limits.

Leading up to SeaWheeze not a whole lot of people were loving the sneak peeks of the colourways and items, but I have to say, I’m absolutely thrilled with my haul!

photo (17) The whole shebang! 🙂

photo (18)

photo (31)

I know, I know. I’m 30 and I’m wearing a striped hoodie that a 6-year old could wear. I’m cool with it. In fact, I’m wearing it right now 🙂

Yes, that’s a yoga mat that says SeaWheeze in the right corner – i need something for yoga on the beach tonight and yoga in the park tomorrow!

photo (32)

photo (19) 

photo (26)

I am so in love with navy right now, you have NO idea. I’m even semi considering breaking the cardinal running rule and wearing something new on race day. Yikes!

photo (28)

No, I’m not as angry as I look in this picture, but I am as tired as I look!

photo (20) 

photo (23)

photo (21)

photo (22)

On the schedule for the rest of today is a quick run, a stop at Whole Foods for a light dinner (hooray for Whole Foods!), yoga on the beach and then SLEEP!

I don’t expect to have much in the way of pictures of the race tomorrow as I plan on running, but I have fun things planned for Saturday after the race and on Sunday.

Man, I just love Vancouver.

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