That time I went to a Taylor Swift concert

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Back in June my dad, sister and I flew to Winnipeg to spend a weekend visiting my grandparents. The day I landed, I realized Taylor Swift was performing at the football stadium and the 12 year old in me immediately headed over to the StubHub website to look for tickets.

Well, wouldn’t you know they weren’t outrageously expensive, especially by this Calgary gal’s standards. I had to coerce my sister a bit, but she eventually agreed to tag along (country isn’t exactly her thing, but then again, neither is running and she’s taken that up recently, so you never know!).

I was well aware that there would be a zillion screaming 12 year old girls, so I just decided to go with it and have a good time myself.


I have to say it was a pretty awesome concert – I let my inner tween shine and it was a ton of fun. T-Swizzle sure does put on a good show!

photo (14)

I grew up in a town of ~30,000 people, this stadium held 35,000 people. So crazy to think my little town would fit inside this stadium!

photo (13)

photo (15)

Now, what would be a post about a concert without video evidence? 🙂

I freaking LOVE Ed Sheran! I cannot wait until he headlines his own tour!!

And, finally, some more pictures.

photo (9)

photo (12)

photo (11)

photo (10)

Did I mention we were on the floor in row 19? There was an awful lot of screaming when this happened.

Have you ever gone to a concert out of your norm and had a great time?

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