Weekend in K-Town

Well, hello friends.

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekends. Mine was definitely enjoyable.

I started my long weekend early by taking Friday off work. I was driving to Kelowna, but mainly I wanted to sleep in and catch up on sleep before starting the drive.

Friday was pretty uneventful as it was mainly driving and dealing with long weekend traffic (ick). I arrived at my dad’s shortly after 5pm on Friday; just in time for beers and dinner 🙂

Saturday we started off the day with an 18km run. Bonus? The RunKeeper update worked and showed my pace at something other than 0.00min/km, so that was definitely appreciated!

photo (66)

photo (1)

After a quick shower and some lunch (well, breakfast/lunch for me since I don’t eat before running) it was off to the lake. To say our weather has been crap in Calgary would be an understatement, so I wanted to soak up as much time as possible at the lake. I had a nice nap and woke up with a mild sunburn. Whoops 🙂

photo (67)

I was in charge up picking up wine for dinner, so I grabbed 3 bottles and somehow my dad and I managed to finish all 3 that night. It’s a good thing we weren’t running on Sunday!

Somehow I managed to convince my dad to 1) wash my car on Saturday and 2) drive me around to wineries on Sunday. I think I pretty much won this weekend.

photo (68)

While I waited to get ready for the day on Sunday, I spent some quality time with the kitties, Maverick and Merlin. Merlin decided to have nap in the garden before breakfast – what a cutie.

photo (74)

After some breakfast my dad and I headed off in search of some wineries. I had three on my list, and we ended up going to five, which is about how it works after a few glasses of wine (for me).

photo (69)

Funny story of the day:

At the second-to-last winery we visted there was another couple there, she was in her mid-to-late thirties and he was in his early fifties. I made a comment about how awesome it was to have my dad driving me around so I could drink. A few minutes later he went to the car to grab something and she turned to me and said, “I’m so glad you said that was your dad!”. Hahahaha! And? Ew!

On the way home we stopped at another because since I wanted to get as much sun and lake time as possible.

photo (73)

photo (71)

photo (72)

I easily could have stayed there for hours but it was already getting late, and I didn’t want my 30 (yes, 30!) bottles of wine to cook in the car while we headed back.

Monday was another uneventful day home. I took Merlin home with me and he was a total champ in the car, he only meowed a couple of times which made for a really nice drive home. Except for the rain. I was about ready to turn back to Kelowna when it started raining, but, sadly, I do have to work for 2.5 days this week before flying off to Vancouver to run SeaWheeze!

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