How to get out of a funk, and my weekend.

Over the past few months I’ve learned that there are three key things that show me I’m entering a bit of a funk:

  1. Day dreaming about having a pet. This weekend I even went so far as to look at kittens at the pet store because kittens are TEH AWESOME. Speaking of, my dad wants me to take one of my cats back, likely Merlin because he snuggles, but, uhm, no pets per my lease………(seriously considering ignoring this…..)
  2. Shopping – buying clothes, especially.

There are also some smaller things that show a funk is coming on and I should nip that sucker in the bud:

  1. Not cleaning. This weekend I had a PILE of dirty dishes on my counter. Now, I’m certainly not the neatest person in the world, but I don’t usually go a week without doing my dishes, either
  2. Procrastinating. It takes me 6 minutes to unload and load my dishwasher. I know this because I’ve timed myself. Basically, I have no excuses for not getting it done. It takes six minutes. Just do it. When I don’t do stuff like this, I know a funk is coming on.
  3. Not caring about doing makeup. Now, I don’t feel like I need makeup, but I do feel that working in a professional environment means I should put my best face forward. Well, when spending 5 minutes putting on makeup (yup, I do it in 5 minutes, no more) seems like too much, something is up and that something usually isn’t good.
  4. Slacking on my breakfast shakes. I started making green smoothies in the spring. I love them. They take me about 8 minutes to make in the morning. When I’d rather eat a muffin, I know a funk is setting in.

Unfortunately, I don’t always recognize these smaller signals right away, which is when the bigger I WANNA PET/CLOTHES/SIT ON THE COUCH phase sets in. I’m trying to become more and more aware of the triggers for my anxiety and the signs that it’s rearing it’s ugly head so I can be more proactive in getting myself back on track.

I was working all day on Saturday, so I made sure to take some time on Sunday to get things back on track for the week. I started my day with a 21km run (you can see it on RunKeeper here) and feel ready for SeaWheeze in 11 days (eeeeee!!). Then I went to a baby shower for a dear friend and had a wonderful time. I hadn’t seen her or her sister in far too long. Even though it was a relatively short visit, we have plans to visit in the coming weeks before her baby arrives at the end of August.

After the shower I headed to the store to stock up for the week. This week is already looking crazy hectic. As part of the work I did over the weekend, I’m meeting with students three nights in a row this week to discuss exam writing techniques. This means I’m leaving my house at 7am and won’t get home until nearly 10pm, so I have to be organized and pack my lunches and dinners for the next three days. I’m stocked full of food now 🙂

Finally I dedicated some time to clean my house from top to bottom. I killed three loads of laundry, all the dishes, vacuumed and mopped! The only items left to do are tidy my bathroom and organize my computer desk. I’m hoping I’ll have time to cross those off my list at some point this week as I’m headed to Kelowna to visit my dad for the weekend.

After how crazy this week appears to be I’ll be glad to lay on the beach and visit a few wineries for a weekend (after running 26k that is!)

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