Single Girl Suppers: Quesadillas

After seven years of cooking for two nearly every night it was a huge adjustment for me to start cooking for one. A lot of days I lacked motivation to cook, not to mention the stress. Oh, the stress. While not recommended and not entirely healthy, I lost 17 pounds in about 3 months just due to stress. I’ll take it, but never ever want to lose weight that way ever again. Ever!

It’s taken a while for me to figure out a routine for cooking dinners for myself, while keeping them healthy and balanced. My fridge pretty much consists of beer and cheese – not the healthiest, especially when training for a half marathon. I’m also really bad at meal planning. I’m more of a what do I feel like girl and will base my meals on that. Sometimes they’re healthy and sometimes they’re not. While I’m sure bagged salads and frozen pizzas aren’t the worst food choices, sometimes it’s nice to have something homemade that a) doesn’t take forever to make and b) is healthy.

This past weekend I met a girlfriend at Stampede and was able to partake in one of my favourite activities: buying stuff at all the awesome booths!

Last year I remembered buying amazing salsa and guacamole, so when I saw it again this year I knew I had to pick it up – and quesadillas for dinner were born!

I started by preheating my oven to 375* (by far the worst part of this dinner is waiting for the oven to preheat)

photo (36)

Spinach tortilla

Add guac, chicken and cheese

photo (35)

photo (33)

Fold over half the tortilla and bake for 8 minutes, flip and bake for 8 more minutes.

photo (34)

Cute into quarters and serve with salsa. Note that I added even more salsa than this to my dinner because this was the most amazing salsa ever!

From start to finish this took about 30 minutes and is pretty healthy. If you wanted to up the veggies (probably a good idea!) add some diced pepper to the chicken, or just have some veg on the side.

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