Running Alone

For my first half marathon, I signed up for a clinic with the Running Room. I had never ran anything more than a 10k race at the time (and I didn’t really train for those) so I had no idea how to train. I figured the best way was to follow someone’s lead and learn what I could along the way.

I’d say this plan worked pretty well for me, as I ran the fastest half marathon out of the five I’ve ran since.

That said, I’ve decided to train by myself, using a completely different training program (designed by lululemon instead of the Running Room).

After successfully running with a group for so many races, why am I now choosing to train alone?

  • I’m a pretty solitary person. When studying for the UFE, I studied by myself; the majority of people studied in pairs. I’ve always been one to go off on my own and it’s worked well for me.
  • I was unimpressed with the lack of knowledge of the last leader of the running clinic I participated in. She wasn’t able to explain the importance of allowing ones heart rate to come down after hill repeats or speed intervals.
  • I’m wanting to incorporate more cross training into my training and to do so, it means I needed to alter my running schedule a bit (this would mean I’d actually have to DO the cross training, but that’s another story)
  • I’m doing a 10 week training program instead of a 16 week training program
  • While 10:1 worked well for me, I’d like to try running longer intervals and taking minimal walk breaks on upcoming races

I started my athletic career in swimming and was a competitive swimmer from 7-19, even swimming a semester at the University level. I’m also a certified coach in swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo, as a result, I have a pretty good handle on why I do 3 different run workouts a week (steady, hills or speed, long, and recovery) and why cross training (strength and yoga) are important.

And, as a wonderful bonus, I know if I’m really struggling, I can always check in with Krissie, who is a wonderful running and life coach! :)

Although I’ve been struggling with fatigue, I do know how to fuel my body. I think this is part of the reason I’m struggling with the fatigue so much is that I do know how to fuel my body and I am getting enough sleep (just check RunKeeper!) so the reason I’m so tired is bothersome to me.

Now – all of the comments about wanting to train alone – should (rather when I decide to run a marathon, I will likely train with a group again. Running 30+km by myself just doesn’t appeal to me.

Do you prefer to run alone, or in a group?

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