I realize it’s a very privileged problem to be worried about how I’m going to get my runs in for SeaWheeze in the aftermath of such a horrific flood.

Part of me feels guilty for even thinking about it, but running is how I process things. It’s my therapy. On my worst days I’m always clearer after a run.

The river pathways are so beautiful that I’m able to forget about the stress and problems that may be going on in my life at the time and just be.

So, as spoiled as it sounds, finding a place where I could run was very important to me. I needed to be able to run both for my physical and mental health.

On Wednesday I set out with no music and no GPS, I just wanted to see where I could go. I was very pleasantly surprised at just how far I could make it on the pathways.

Knowing I could fit in a 7k run, I set out on Thursday with my music and decided to snap some pictures of the washed out pathways. Any pathway that was washed away is blocked off, so all my pictures are from across the river, but knowing the pathway never ran along the edge of the riverbank, you can see just how destructive the floodwaters were.

photo (5)

photo (4)

Just a week after the flooding there was equipment out preparing to fix these pathways.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying: I’m truly inspired and amazed at how quickly my city has pulled together to fix things. There are so many volunteers helping out every day and the city hasn’t wasted a second in trying to get everything restored. Yes, it’ll be a very long road – there are still people who can’t go home; who don’t know when they’ll go home, but we’ve pulled together.

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