Let’s talk about running

I am a runner.

In some form or another I’ve been running for the past 13 years.

Actually, the first day The Cowboy showed up at my place of work to officially ask me out, I had run a 10k race that morning.

I’ve gone through times where I haven’t ran as much, mainly during school and getting my certification in accounting.

Once I was done with that – it was back to running.

Three years ago I ran my first half marathon and have been running in some way or another since.

I must admit, aside from that first half marathon, I’ve never done so well at that training thing.

Sure, I’ve always had a training plan, but……I didn’t always follow it.

Part of the problem is the majority of my contract job is during weekends in July and August – prime training time, especially when you live in Canada and have all of 4-5 months without snow or cold weather interfering with runs.

In nine weeks I’ll be running a half marathon. I started training a week ago.

Normally I do a 16 week training plan to prep for a race, but this one is only 10 weeks.

I’m not allowing myself to worry or freak out. This race is about finishing and not so much about time. I want to have a good base built up, and I want to hit my 4 runs a week, even with two weekends (in a row!) of travel and marking exams nearly every weekend in July.

It’ll take planning, but I know I can do it by planning ahead.

Below: this weeks plan. Friday at 11:30 I’m flying out for a girls weekend, so the 13km run will be completed before I head to the airport. Done. No excuses πŸ™‚


Today I tackled my first long run in ages. I’ve been running 5k pretty regularly, but haven’t ran long, so today was…..interesting.

I’ve noticed I’m naturally quite a bit faster, which is proving challenging. I really want to run slow on my runs, but I’m struggling to find my new pace, and I definitely started off too quickly today.

I’m also re-learning how to fuel. Previously, I’d just have a glass of juice and take off, but around the 3k mark today I definitely felt underfueled. I decided to take a gel to see if that would help, and after it kicked it, I felt much less woozy and was able to continue on with my run. However, I did turn around on the chance that the gel didn’t help, so my 11k run was just under 9k. Good, but not great.

I’ll need to figure out how to properly fuel as a go, and hope I don’t have the same issues when I tackle my 13k run on Friday.

I’ve also started using RunKeeper instead of my Garmin. I found having my watch made it so I was constantly checking my pace, and my goal right now is to better listen to my body, so I only know my time and pace every 5 minutes when it’s announced.

I’ve never ran with music before, so now that I’m using my iPhone to track my runs – what are your go-to songs for running? I’m thinking I’ll need to create a 2 hour playlist to keep me going once my runs get really long. What songs keep you motivated?

7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about running

  1. Girl Talk’s ‘All Day’ album is amazing. It was on the internet for free. I don’t know if you can still find it. If not, let me know and maybe I can get you a copy.

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