Has it really been nearly a week since I posted?


I don’t have a great excuse – I’ve just been busy with work work work.

Which, is great. I LOVE being busy at work!

I’ve also been busy at home – cleaning and organizng and stuff.

I’ve also been very focused on my Super Summer goals.

This weekend I picked up some wall decals to track my life and I freaking LOVE them. It’s my organization and Super Summer corner.

photo (89)

photo (88)

I’m a natural procrastinator and Super Summer has spurred me to do things that I had been putting off. I have these items 500 points because I knew I needed some major motivation to get them done, so far I’ve:

  • cancelled my gym membership that I purchased 5 days before I lost my job and never used. Hooray for a refund!
  • backed up all my photos from my iMac
  • restored my iMac
  • sold my iMac 2 hours after posting it for sale! (didn’t sell it for much, but it was a 2008 model, so I’m just glad to have sold it)
  • organized my kitchen so I have more room on my counters
  • organized my desk (see above) so it’s useful and not all cluttered with paper and crap

Big items still on my list that I’m hoping to accomplish over the weekend:

  • organize my storage room
  • organize my bathroom (including selling some nailpolish off – my collection is ridiculous!)

I’m definitely making progress and it feels so awesome!

I’m also sticking to my workout plan. I’m sure if I weren’t getting point for working out, I’d have skipped Tuesday and possibly even Wednesday – I’m definitely looking forward to my rest day tomorrow!

I’m tracking my spending and budget like a crazy person. These past 6.5 months definitely had a lot of unexpected expenses come up, and certainly some purchases that likely weren’t necessary, but I feel like I’m really back on track and should be in an awesome place savings-wise in a year. Thankfully my employer gives me 10% of my salary into a retirement plan and I’m contributing 5% of my salary into a savings plan, so all my savings on top of that is for me (like, buying a house and taking vacations).

In the past I’ve really struggled with challenges (see ab challenge from May that I did 2 days of and then got sick, so didn’t finish) but I feel good about this one. The next two weekends will be a bit challenging as I have a girls weekend followed by a weekend visiting family, but all I can do is my best. So long as I get my long runs in, everything else will be just fine.

If you’re doing Super Summer – how are you doing?

Are you loving it as much as I am?

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