So, I had a birthday

Today is officially my third day in my 30’s. Wow.

I feel like I have a lot of thoughts swimming around, so I’m just going to put them out there.

Saturday was my birthday, I was up early (grrr) so I took myself on a walk to pick up some coffee.

The rest of Saturday was a pretty chill day. I had a bit of a mishap while waxing my brows:

photo (78)

Thankfully my bangs are on my right and my brow pencil does a pretty good job.

photo (72)


Sunday I drove to my mom’s and enjoyed a hot dog for lunch. Thanks, friends, for talking about hot dogs last week.

photo (70)

Monday I took some pictures while driving (shhhh!)

photo (77)

photo (71)

photo (69)

And today I’m back at work. I’m feeling healthy-ish (I still wake up with a sore throat and cough occasionally, but I’m really hoping I’m on the mend!)

photo (75)

photo (74)

photo (73)

After work my sister and I are going to take her pup for a walk and then enjoy some Mexican for dinner before she heads back home.

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