Friday Casual

And, once again, it’s Friday.



I’ve made it through my irrationally grumpy week and have survived! 🙂

photo (58)

  • I’m wearing the comfiest top today. Seriously. So comfy. From that expensive athletic wear store. Awesome.
  • I have a dinner date tonight. I’ve already (secretly) decided where we’re eating – now to get the other party on board
  • I also kind of hope dinner is done in time to watch hockey. I’m pretty sure my team is going to lose, but I’ll watch none the less
  • Tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut and coloured! I’m pumped! It’s so freaking LONG right now! Proof:

photo (59)

  • Does that scraggly grey hair stick out for you as much as it does for me?!
  • I’ve had Starbucks every day this week – and I’ll be having some tomorrow morning as my hair appointment is at 9am!
  • The 9am appointment means seeing Iron Man 3 at 1pm will work out perfectly!
  • I’m super pumped for the weekend!
  • I’m volunteering to clean up a pathway with my yoga studio on Sunday – I really volunteered because I wanted to spend time outside
  • Yay spring!!
  • My 30th birthday is in 15 days. Eeps!
  • I’m totally excited to turn 30. After the shitshow 29 was I know 30 will be awesome (oh, hey universe? this is NOT an invitation to throw more shit my way. Kthanxbai!)

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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