Return of the Food Truck

Last summer I thought it would be fun to try out all the different food trucks in town. It turns out that was a big fat fail, I think I tried two new food trucks. Oops.

The building I work in now seems to be a hot bed for food trucks – there’s a new out parked out front nearly every day!

In trying to save monies and eat healthy, I have a personal rule of bringing my lunch 4/5 days a week and treating myself to a fun lunch once a week. Normally I do this on Friday’s just because…..well, it’s Friday šŸ™‚

This week? Wednesday won.

A food truck with wonderful pizza will always win – especially when it’s parked right out front of my building!

My pizza yesterday was so, so yummy, after I ate two slices I was so happy to discover I still had two slices left!

photo (52)

photo (54)

photo (55)

So delicous and oh, so worth it!

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