My nerdiness knows no bounds

On Tuesday I made my second Costco run in four days. (I went while sick on Saturday and basically wandered lost in the store for 45 minutes, so a second trip was in order). I mainly went to pick up spinach and carrot juice for my morning smoothies, but I absolutely love cruising the aisles for fun finds.

Fun finds were found!

The third item on my list were glass food containers. While I do like the Glad and Ziploc containers I was getting sick of the plastic and heard the glass containers sealed exceptionally well. So a purchas was made.

Bonus? Food looks awesome in glass containers!

photo (33)

photo (35)

Also purchased was an organizer to help clean up my disaster of a desk area.

photo (34)

Oh yeah, it’s bad.

But a bit better now.

photo (37)

The nerdiest purchase?

photo (36)

A wireless weather station.

Yup, queen nerd here, friends.

Almost purchased but not: a shredder.

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