Home Improvement Sunday

It’s hard to believe I’ve been in my condo for nearly 3 months. Wow.

I’m slowly working on organizing and putting things where they work best. I know I want be here forever (maybe only 9 more months) so I’m cautious of buying too much or making my improvements too specific as anything I do I’d like to easily take with me.

I spend most of my time in my living room/kitchen area, so I decided to focus my efforts on organizing this area first.


I even went so far to purchase a drill ($50 from ikea!!) to help with the improvements.

Today’s task was adding legs and doors to my entertainment area. My TV box and Xbox had been perched on top until I added doors and drilled a hole.


Even better!

I haven’t posted much of my living area, so here’s a bit of a view

Yup. Much better!

Then I found out one of my outlets was connected to a switch – so I moved my lamp


And now, some close ups of what I feel makes my house a home.


Orchid #1. I love these are only $14 at Ikea!


Orchid #2, I found it at ikea today. Love!!





A few decorations on the TV stand. I think they do a great job of brightening it up.

Next task is to tackle my desk!

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