The only thing better than the awesomeness of jeans Friday is jeans Friday with a super comfy (or cosy cosy) top.

Today wins.

Also? Boots. Boots also win.

Yes, I’m being superficial because I just can’t say anything intelligent about the shitstorm in the world right now. I can’t. I’m not qualified. So, boots, jeans and tops it is. But my heart hurts and I’m thinking about it. I am.

photo (16)

photo (17)

Why yes, that is a pile of dirty laundry to the right of the photo. Keepin it real here, folks!

photo (18)

While this may look like a picture of my bewbs it, in fact, is not. I’m attempting to show my pretty dainty new necklace, but because it is dainty it just looks like a picture of my bewbs.

Okay, okay, it’s a picture of my boobs.

Happy Friday friends! Hug your loved ones tight tonight. Xoxo.

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