I don’t normally wear button-down tops, but since stress losing a bunch of weight, I can finally fit into 4 shirts I purchased in the summer of 2010. I didn’t want to donate them because they’re beautiful and classic and held on to the hope that I’d be able to fit into them one day.

Now, my plan certainly wasn’t to stress lose weight, but I can say (as vain as it is) I’m thrilled with how I look right now and love the prim and proper look I’m rocking today. It’s certainly not my normal style, but one of my favourite things about fashion is switching it up depending on the day, weather and how I feel.

photo (3)

photo (4)

photo (5)

The details on the cuffs are my favourite part of the 4 shirts I have – I think they add a bit of pop and style to a classic shirt.

Although I’m not wearing shoes in my bathroom, I’ve paired my cropped pants with some silver kitten heels instead of flats (and my shins are angry at me for it!). I need to get back into the habit of wearing heels. Boots are awesome for winter, but it’s time to break out the heels – if only the weather would cooperate! 🙂

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