Weekend Fun

Another weekend (my LAST weekend) up North meant another shopping trip to the drug store of awesomeness.


Having $170 in free money is AWESOME for a gal like me who LURVES make up Smile


Next to Urban Decay, Benefit cosmetics is my favourite brand. I don’t have a lot of their product, but these looked excellent to me.


Pretty blush and a bit of bronzer to get rid of the winter blahs.


I don’t normally wear a lot of perfume, but this was such a fresh scent that it instantly cheered me up. I’ve been smelling myself all day!!


I also have a HUGE zit on my chin and this stuff is absolutely the BEST concealer in the world!


The past three times I’ve traveled I’ve ended up running out of primer, so this was a required for me to pick up. Best primer ever!


Did I need more lip gloss? No. But I’ve fallen in love with Urban Decay lip glosses. So why not?!

Six sleeps, friends.

Five work days and six sleeps.


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