Friday Fun

This week I did a bit of condo shopping on the West Elm website.

I decided I’d probably need to perk up my condo a bit with some accessories, here’s what I found.

bathroom 1

I only purchased the rectangle organizer here, perfect for keeping my toothbrush and toothpaste organized on the counter.

bathroom 2

I’ve been using a cheap mesh hamper. My laundry is in my bathroom, so this will be perfect for catching laundry and keeping the bathroom organized.

bathroom 3

Of course I needed a matching garbage can!

bathroom 4

A pop of colour is vital for the white accessories in the bathroom!

bathroom 5

Totally my favourite purchase of today. Yes, I bought both of them. Not sure where they’ll go yet, but I’m LOVING them already!!

It’s hard to believe that in just 8 days I’ll be moving some stuff into my condo.




Well, it appears this wonderful order may be put on hold as somebody *ahem* got their grubby paws on my MasterCard and I won’t have a new one until I’m back in Calgary.


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