Friday Fun

The majority of this week has been thinking out loud on the interwebz, so I thought it was high time for something a bit lighter on a Friday.

I went and purchased some furniture for my new condo and I’m just so excited about it!

I thought I might give you a bit of a taste of what I’m buying.

First off, here’s the layout of my unit:


And some interior pictures:




I’m in LOVE with the kitchen!!


And here’s what I decided to buy furniture-wise. There aren’t any overhead lights in the living room OR the bedroom, so lamps were a must!!

abra lamp


martian lamp


six globe lamp



I got this guy in teal – not yellow!


It’s been so long since I’ve had a full length mirror. I’m so excited!! (Watch out for some outfit pictures!)


I’m also terribly excited for this chair Smile


I’m sure as I get more and more settled I’ll buy a little more, but for right now, this feels just about perfect!

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. the new place looks great! I am super duper excited for more outfit photos from you. I wish you could help me decorate and pick out clothes. LOVE your sense of style!

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