Maple French Toast

Last weekend The Cowboy and I found our new favourite breakfast: Maple French toast.

This was inspired by the maple swirl bread I found at Costco last weekend – it’s amazing!

Here’s how to make a deelish Sunday breakfast!


4 slices of maple swirl french toast (2 per person)


Instead of a full carton of eggs, you can just use 3


Like so.


Some milk


And some vanilla, straight from Mexico. (We bought two of these. TWO. We’ll be out of vanilla sometime in 2032…..)


Beat the eggs and then add in the milk and vanilla. I don’t measure either, about 1/4 to 1/3 of a cup of milk and a splash of vanilla, let’s say.


Heat up a pan and melt some butter. Wait for the pan to become nice and warm….


Meanwhile soak the bread in the egg mixture. I like to soak 30 seconds or so per side to get it nice a moist <—worst word ever!


Add the bread to the pan and pour any extra egg mixture on top of the bread.


If you’re feeling fancy you can also sprinkle some cinnamon and flax on top. (The Cowboy didn’t even notice there was flax – I win!).


Flip once golden and let the other side cook.

In the meantime – grab your toppings


The Cowboy likes to go with pure maple syrup, I prefer to fancy things up a bit.


Yay for pumpkin butter!


Top and enjoy!


What’s your favourite Sunday breakfast?

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