Grilled 2012

It seems each year The Cowboy and I come up with a new favourite grilled sandwich. Last year it was grilled pesto, tomato and cheese, this fall it’s a Reuben.

We love them so much that we’re eating them once or twice a week. Grilled sammiches are great that it’s easy to keep the ingredients on hand and it doesn’t take much to throw one together.


Butter the outside of two slices of bread. Rye is recommended, but anything will do in a pinch.


Spread a generous portion of grainy mustard on once side of the bread.


Top mustard with corned beef or Montreal smoked meat. The meat we use depends on what store we went to that week – both are tasty!


Sauerkraut is absolutely necessary when making a Reuben. I really like Sauerkraut so I pile on a lot!


We also mix up the type of cheese we use, this week it was Provolone, but Monterey jack is also good.


Place sammiches on the grill.


Wait ~6 minutes for the sammiches to grill.


Slice and enjoy!

What’s your favourite grilled sandwich?

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