In mah purse

So, I did awesome as posting the beginning of this week and then promptly fell off the earth.


To make it up to you, I thought I’d show the internet (again) how big a disaster my purse is.


SIM card for my new iPhone 5. That I can’t activate because my cell phone company decided to do something to the servers yesterday and they still aren’t up today. After the headache of ordering my phone, not being able to activate it is especially irritating. Grrr.


Charger for previously mentioned iPhone 5 and 2 pairs of headphones. I barely listen to music at work, so I’m not sure why I needed two pairs of headphones, but I have ‘em.


This paper? Was all garbage. Garbage that I had been carrying around in my purse for weeks. Gross.


Aloe Lip Care from The Body Shop. I’ LOVE chap sticks and so far this one is totally amazing. In the past week the atmosphere has dried up so much and this is saving my lips. (Drinking three glasses of wine last night also hasn’t helped the shape of my lips, I’m sure).


Almond, Wild Rose and Hemp hand creams from The Body Shop. Again, they save my hands. My fav is the almond, but the hemp really saves my hands when they’re extra dry.


More miscellaneous lip care and hand care products. All neatly tucked into a plastic bag due to all the travelling I’ve been doing lately. Are they needed? Not. At. All. I just like the extra weight in my purse. Obviously.


Notepad used for grocery shopping, pens from my last Erin Condren order, and MOAR PENS. All but two of these pens (blue and purple) have now been put into my back pack. I’m keeping the notepad though. You don’t want to see what kind of crap I buy if I don’t have a grocery list.


Random office supplies. These have also been moved to my backpack.


Gum that I don’t particularly enjoy, jump drive and a coaster The Cowboy found the wine tasting event last weekend that he wanted to keep.


Leftover tea from my trip to Yellowknife. You’d think I’d actually make it but instead I walk to Starbucks during the day. I realize this makes no sense.


Speaking of Starbucks – I have a free drink coupon! I plan on using it for a PSL at some point next week.


Wallet and change purse. Thankfully these are pretty normal, except that my wallet is stuffed to the max with random receipts that I probably didn’t need to save.


Chocolate bread picked up on my way into work this morning. For some reason when I buy Friday morning yogurt, I always buy chocolate bread, even though I don’t end up eating it on Friday and sometimes I forget about it. I know it’s a waste of money, but I just can’t seem to stop!

Do you store your entire life in your purse? Or is it relatively neat?

3 thoughts on “In mah purse

  1. Ok, so I had to check how bad mine was:

    2 hand sanitizers, 2 hand lotions, healthy granola bar that I can’t seem to eat, 3 lip balms, 2 pairs of sunglasses, empty Advil, and 3 lip glosses. So, no judgement from me on your strange contents:). Plus I have an extra lip balm(and hand sanitizer) in my diaper bag( which is really just an excuse for a bigger, more awesome purse). I *think* I meant to divide the multiples into purse and big bag, but never got around to it. And I have 3 Marble Slab cards that I never remember to bring with me. I call it being prepared.

  2. At least it is all nice stuff! I have a half-eaten DumDum lolli stuck to the bottom of my bag. And my purse? It's a 4 year old Harveys bag because I STILL can't justify spending $ on a new purse. Sad 😦

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