Another weekend gone

The Cowboy and I started our weekend Friday immediately after work. We had tickets to a wine tasting event that I purchased through work so we had friends over for dinner and got the evening started.

I had an idea of making grilled brie and pear sandwiches for dinner and a good idea it was! Wowzers! They certainly filled us up enough before heading out for some wine.

The wine tasting event was a bit disappointing. There was quite a bit of beer and hard liquor and not a lot of wine. The majority of the wine was quite mediocre. Thankfully we only paid $10, so it was worth it. We’d certainly have been disappointed if we had paid full price (~$50/person).

Saturday started early as Merlin decided at 6:45 that he didn’t want to sleep anymore. Thankfully for The Cowboy and I we were in bed shortly after 11pm, so the early wake up call wasn’t too bad. Since I had a few hours before my chiropractor appointment, I decided to paint my nails while watching some TV. A girlfriend and I went shopping Friday at lunch and I had picked up some new fall colours. Love!


Scuppered for my toes and Jack the Lad for my fingers (butterLONDON 2012 Holiday Collection)

After getting my fingers and toes ready for the weekend, it was time to get my back ready for the weekend at my chiropractor appointment. After not seeing my chiro for roughly 4 months over the summer, it was due time for me to hop back on the bandwagon – and what a difference it had made!

I had planned on going to the gym on Saturday, but the brie combined with wine and beer result in a not too happy stomach on Saturday morning so I decided to forego the gym and get groceries as we had friends coming for dinner on Saturday evening.

After groceries it was time to head out the door as The Cowboy had a flying lesson and I was tagging along.


That pretty much sums up how much I enjoyed the flight…….

Had it not been so windy I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more, and I’m definitely going to come along on some more flights – maybe just not when it’s so dang windy though!

My displeased stomach seemed to help us a bit on Saturday as we were able to make it back to the condo before our friends arrived for dinner. We hadn’t seen them in far FAR too long, so we were really looking forward to our visit.

Since we arrived home so late, dinner was a bit late getting started (I think we ate dinner around 9pm!) but I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves, so all was okay.

We kept it an earlyish night, going to bed around 11:45pm as everyone had a busy weekend, but it was still wonderful to have a visit.

Sunday was a much more restful day. We had plans to go to church Sunday morning and then do a photoshoot, but the busy Saturday aggravated the cold The Cowboy had been trying to kick for the past week, so rescheduled the photoshoot and spent most of the morning on the couch.

Our laziness paid off and we were able to watch Felix Baumgartner’s stratos jump.

Oh. My. Word.

I think I nearly peed myself when he actually jumped.


We did have a pretty cool setup to watch the jump from though.

The remainder of the afternoon was more relaxing until we decided we both wanted out of the house and we went to see Looper.

Uhm, wow. It was such a fantastic movie.

After the movie I still had to make my lunch for the week. I opted for a butternut squash soup (recipe coming tomorrow!) to keep it healthy this week.

And now?

It’s Monday and I’m back at it.

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