Saturday in a small town

It’s 9:15pm and I’m so bored I could cry.

I figure y’all love me and want to suffer with me, so here’s a recap of my day

8:15: wake up. Watch Scandal and Flashpoint on my iPad (thank goodness for CTV, CityTV and GlobalTV iPad apps)

10:30: head out for a run. Run 4 laps of 1.8km loop.

11:20: self wax eyebrows. Shower.

12:00: decide to stock up on food. Walk into town, go to 3 stores.

12:40: arrive home. Pop frozen pizza in the oven.

1:30-3:30: watch Life As We Know It

3:30: decide to explore Old Town. Walk there, take pictures, check out a store.

4:30: arrive home from walk. Watch the rest of Friends with Benefits.

6:00: watch Glee

6:45: watch another episode of Flashpoint

7:30: watch 2 episodes of Go On

8:00: FaceTime with The Cowboy

9:15: watch CFL and write blog post

With so much excitement, who knows what tomorrow will have in store?! *sigh*

I’m definitely a city gal……

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