Up north

After some frantic packing and (of course) an argument with The Cowboy on Sunday I was ready to fly WAY north to Yellowknife.

For anyone who’s ever watched a CBC tv show about Northern Canada (North of 60, anyone?!) Yellowknife pretty much looks like that.

Want proof? Here’s the view from my hotel/apartment


I’m going to do my best to post, but I tend to get distracted while out of town. At the very least, I hope to post some outfit pictures (hooray for mirrored closet doors!) and report on my daily workouts while I’m here.



3 thoughts on “Up north

  1. I was telling Mommybyday that I read a book that took place in Canada and immediately thought of you when I saw that they were travelling to Banff.

    I get extremely distracted when I'm out of town- I hardly ever exercise or take enough pictures. And don't you LOVE how fights happen at the most convenient times? 🙂

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