Stuff I Love: Life Planner

There are few things I love in life as much as I love new stationery.

The Cowboy and I joke that I’m not allowed in Staples (or any store that carries pens) unattended, only, it’s not really a joke.

A about 10 days ago I ordered a Life Planner from Erin Condren designs and oh! my! gosh!

I’ve only had it for all of 30 minutes, but I’m completely and totally IN LOVE with it.



This planner also fits in perfectly with my GET ORGANIZED goal for September.

(one of) My favourite parts of my Life Planner is how totally customizable it was – I could add items and remove items. Totally awesome.


It’s totally cute.


I realized my iPhone had been set to a wacky setting after taking all the pictures and I was too lazy to retake, so forgive me! Just know it looks waaaay better in person!!


Before I forget, I must also give a huge SHOUT OUT to FedEx. Our concierge has decided to not work, so after stopping by our condo TWICE (and giving me a phone call) the FedEx driver DROVE TO MY WORK to hand deliver the planner to me. Seriously!

Dave at FedEx – THANK YOU for helping to MAKE MY DAY!


Even the shipping box is totally KICK ASS.

Want to see some more of the awesome?


Here it is:



Each month starts off with a 2-page monthly spread.


Followed by weekly spreads divided into “Morning”, “Day” and “Night” boxes for planning.

As you can see, I’ve already started!


There are also totally wonderful quotes sprinkled thorughout the planner.

September’s quote

Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower

    – Albert Camus




Totally awesome stickers are also included.

I’ll be sticking on the “Pay Day” stickers FOR SURE!

As a bonus, I received  a bunch of labels as well. Some are personalized (not pictured) and others are designed for birthdays and gifts, etc.


After seeing how good quality the Life Planner is, I’ll certainly be ordering our Change of Address labels from Erin Condren – now if only we knew where we were going to live!

Do you use a planner?

Or do you keep track of everything electronically?

2 thoughts on “Stuff I Love: Life Planner

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  2. Hi! I followed your link from Pinterest and noticed that you also live in Calgary. Would you mind sharing how much you ended up paying for you life planner? I'm trying to decide if I should have mine shipped to my friend in Ga. and then have her mail it to me to save money…

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