Cowgirl Cleanses: Day 3

I had a bit of an epiphany between day 2 and day 3.

I was consuming roughly 1100 calories drinking the cleanse juice, it was low, but I certainly wasn’t staving myself.

What if the cleanse is more about consuming good, nutritious whole food and less about limiting food intake and starvation?!

Light bulb moment there, folks!

So – I decided to shake things up a bit on day 3. Sure, I still had some juices to drink, no biggie, but I also wanted real whole food – like protein!

8am – Cashew milk. I figured some fat and protein would be beneficial in the AM

10am – PAM. Because this drink is the bestest drink evah!

Noon – salad for lunch. Mmmmm. Real food!

2pm – Green juice. I brought it with me and thought it would be a good snack supplement.

6pm – steak dinner with my cousin and his girlfriend. The Cowboy cooked. It was amazing.

Weight Wednesday: 145.1

Weight Thursday: 142

Weight Friday: 143.1 (probably from the pizza consumed at 9pm)

Concluding thoughts:

Do I think cleanses work? Yes. And no. I don’t think they’re a way to drastically lose weight; I think, if done properly, they can be a way to reset eating habits resulting in more mindful choices around food. Yes, I did eat pizza on the cleanse, but I made a conscious choice to consume the pizza, ate once slice, and stopped. Feeling full is not a feeling I like and this cleanse helped to reinforce that. I don’t have to eat food just because it’s there. I can make mindful choices and, heck, sometimes even choose something different than what everyone else is eating. Just because they’re all eating chocolate, doesn’t mean I have to, right?! Right.

The end.

2 thoughts on “Cowgirl Cleanses: Day 3

  1. I've been tempted to do a cleanse too. I feel so mixed about it! It was interesting to hear your story and get your thoughts too. Do you feel like your skin glowed or anything? I guess the thing about that is that it does while you're providing your body with those nutrients but as soon as it's done, so is that glow! Maybe I'll continue to contemplate. You've inspired me though!

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