Cowgirl Cleanses: Day 2

I wasn’t sure how I’d be feeling on Thursday morning, but I had an excellent sleep (thanks to Merlin for not waking me up every second) and woke up feeling quite rested. My stomach was grumbling a bit, but I didn’t feel woozy or unbearably hungry.

Before diving into my green juice I had some water and another cup of Detox Tea.

Again, trying to follow the 2 hour rule, I planned my day as follows:

8am – Green juice

10:30am – PAM

12:30 – ate soup. Womp womp. I chose a veggie soup and found that I really wasn’t hungry, but sometimes work meeting dictate my food. C’est la vie.

2:30 – Spicy lemonade (I decided the veggie soup could take the place of the green juice for now).

4pm-6pm – work social event. Going into the cleanse I had tossed around the idea of possibly not attending this because of the cleanse, but then I decided I was being stupid. And I only had one glass of wine…

6pm – CAB

6:45pm – call from my cousin to say he’s on his way from Banff and could they stay at our place? You betcha. Except, The Cowboy was at ball and hadn’t eaten, and I was sure they’d want some food, so pizza was ordered. You can’t really expect me to pass up pizza, can you?! So I ate one slice.

Oh well…..

Weight on Wednesday: 145.3

Weight on Thursday: 142

Huh. 3 pounds in one day. Interesting Winking smile

I did have a bit of a headache today, but it wasn’t anything unbearable and I didn’t find that I felt like I was forcing myself to not eat or depriving myself in any way.

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