Cowgirl Cleanses: Day 1

Last week I decided to do something silly.

I decided to do a cleanse.

I know, I know.

Silly, right?

But – I did it.

I knew The Cowboy and I were going to indulge while we were in Kelowna for the weekend, so I planned to do my cleanse Wed-Fri and minimize the impact on my weekend (although I still fully intended to eat healthfully over the weekend).

The company I chose was BluePrintCleanse as the price was reasonable and they ship to Canada.

The juices were made on Tuesday and shipped overnight to arrive on Wednesday.

This meant I waited (and waited and waited) to receive my juice on Wednesday.

I kicked my morning off with a Detox Tea and waited some more.

At 10am my FedEx tracking alert told me my package had arrived (HOORAY!) however when I picked up my package from the mail room all they had were my teas (more on this later). I was told FedEx normally delivers to the mailroom in the afternoon. *sigh*

By then it was nearly 11am and I sure did need to get some food in mah belleh, so I went to Jugo Juice and ordered myself a Tropical Popeye: a fruit smoothie with spinach. I figured it was semi-close to the green juice Winking smile and it did a good job of holding me over.

At 1pm I still hadn’t received notice from the mailroom, so I popped open my tea package and made myself a mug of Organic Persian Apple green tea.

They recommend drinking 1 juice every 2 hours and 12oz of water in between, but since I didn’t get my juices until well into the afternoon – and I didn’t feel like chugging 1 juice every hour, I set my evening up as follows:

2pm – Green Juice

4pm – PAM (pineapple, apple, mint)

6pm – 8pm running hills

8pm – Spicy Lemonade

9pm – CAB (carrot, apple, beet)

10pm – Cashew Milk

No consumed: green juice #3.

For kicks I also decided to weigh myself at the beginning of the cleanse and see what (if any) drinking juice for 3 days had on my weight.

Starting weight day 1: 145.1

Feeling: frickin’ excited to get mah juice. Finally. Jeepers!

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