A really long post about my weekend, but there are pictures. Thankfully.

Do y’all remember that awesome “to-do” list I made last week?

Here’s what I planned to do

Saturday Sunday
RIPPED fitness class 18km run followed by BREAKFAST
Laundry Kitty Litter
Assignment marking Massage
Groceries (hoping to move to Friday) Assignment marking
Dinner w/ cousin Food prep
Food prep NAP Winking smile


And here’s how my weekend actually went

Saturday Sunday
Condo showing 18km run followed by BREAKFAST
Hike in Lake Louise Massage
Dinner in Banff Assignment marking
Roxette concert


So, not quite as planned.

Grocery shopping and food prep are definitely on the schedule today. Also? Kitty litter. Jeepers.

Luckily for y’all, I remembered to take a bunch of pictures this weekend. Yay for pictures!

Lake Louise is about two hours outside of Calgary, so we all hopped into the truck and headed out; it’s not very often that we have days in September that are nice enough for hiking.

We picked a relatively easy 7km hike up to the Agnes Tea house and back down.


Lake Agnes at the tea house.


Different perspective of the lake.


Mid-way down the hike. So gorgeous!!


Lake Louise from above. It wan paddle on the lake day and there were tons of canoes out, unfortunately we arrived too late to have time for a hike and a canoe.

After the hike we drive 40 minutes into Banff to my favourite pub in town, the Elk and Oarsman, for delicious burgers.


View from the patio.

Seriously – patio in September – unheard of and I LOVE it!!

After a yummy dinner it was time to head back to Calgary.


Bye-bye mountains.

Sunday was another busy day. I started my day with an 18km run


And then met The Cowboy and my cousin at Coras for a well deserved (and earned) breakfast!


I had to hobble home from breakfast as I had a ridiculous blister on my foot.



The rest of my Sunday was spent marking assignment and enjoying my massage before going to the Roxette concert.


Sequins were a must. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to crimp my hair Smile

Merlin and his scarff


I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Smile

One thought on “A really long post about my weekend, but there are pictures. Thankfully.

  1. Bah! I missed Roxette when they were here Friday. I don't know what planet I was on when the concert was announced. Figured it would be a great girlfriend concert to go to! Also what awesome pics of the mountains. Lucky you to live so close!

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