CSA Thursday

There’s a nip in the air this week. While I’m not entirely disappointed to see fall arrive (bring on the boots and sweaters!) it does mean our CSA will soon be coming to an end.

Sometimes the pick ups have been a pain, but the veggies have been amazing, so I’m thinking it’s a fair tradeoff.


Rainbow Swiss chard. Not a favourite of The Cowboy’s, but I’ll find something yummy to do with it.


I’m told this is an EightBall squash and the inside is like a zucchini, so to me, this is merely a round zucchini. Kinda disappointing…


Broccoli. Hooray. A new veggie Smile


Cilantro. Man, I LOVE the smell of cilantro.

(I’m not in the cilantro tastes like soap club).


Garlic. I think we have 3 or 4 heads in the fridge right now.


Carrots. Mmmmmmm.


Potatoes. You can’t really tell in my awesome iPhone picture, but the potato on the bottom is actually 4 potatoes grown together. Mutant potato!

2 thoughts on “CSA Thursday

  1. Looks delicious. My favorite (super easy and fast) use of swiss chard – brown crumbled italian sausage meat in a big pan, add sliced onion, garlic and chili flakes, saute until the onions are just soft and then toss in the chard, chopped (or torn) in large pieces. Cover the pan and cook a minute or two until the chard wilts (you can add a splash of pasta water if it needs help). Toss with penne. Top with romano.

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