Back to Work Shopping

Maybe it’s the season, or maybe because I’ve been off work for two weeks, but I felt today was an appropriate time for some back to work shopping.

I had to take my MacBook so the Apple doctor (new speakers for free) this morning, so I decided to hang around the mall and see what I could find.

I’d say my trip was fairly successful 🙂



No, I did not buy a pair, but I did feel like I was 8 and back in 1991 again.

Store #1. Jacob.

2 lace tops, 2 lace skirts, 1 black and white sleeveless blouse.

Store #2. Dynamite.

2 blazers, 2 tops, 2 necklaces.

Outfit 1 in the store

Outfit 2 in the store.

Store #3. Town Shoes.


Store #4. RW&Co.

3 fall sweaters.

Store #5. Bench.

Casual fall jacket.

Store #5. Staples

Totally cute wireless keyboard and mouse (so I can stop brining my mouse from home and/or stealing my office mates mouse).

Do you like fall shopping? Are you looking forward to updating your wardrobe for fall?

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