Or, 7km short of a half marathon 😉

I normally do my long runs on Sundays with my running group. However, since The Cowboy and I were up until 2am on Saturday herding cats in his shop, a 7:45 wake up call was just not going to happen on Sunday morning. I also didn’t manage to squeeze in a run Sunday afternoon, so Monday it was!

Since I was setting out by myself, I figured it best to bring my phone, and, since I had my phone, I might as well take pictures!

When I do a long run, I run 10 minutes and walk for 1, and walk breaks are great for picture taking!

The first 20 minutes of any run is usually pretty difficult for me. It takes me a while to get warmed up, so the first two walk breaks are always a blessing.

I love this mural. Every utility box in the city is receiving a makeover – I love the woodland creature mural here!

Sunday night we were hit with a ridiculous hail storm! Some areas of the city received golfball sized half, so the pathway was covered with trees and branches.

Not 45 seconds before I took this picture I came across the most gorgeous fireman. Seriously. Had I not been married to The Cowboy, I would have seriously attempted to obtain his phone number. Rawr!

Hooray! Halfway turn around point! 😀

Mah shadow. No, my hips aren’t that big – it’s just my water belt. Which, I should have packed with MOAR WATER because I was dying near the end of my run!

The previously leaf filled pathway. Those city workers didn’t waste much time getting it all cleaned up!

A nice shot of the river.

Confession: I had to take a 5 minute walk break here. I.Was.Dying. It sucked being 5+km from home and just wanting to take a nap!

Woohoo. Saddledome! Nearly across the street from my house!

Hey! Look! There’s my house! Only 800m to go until I was there (and, yes, I still felt like dying!).

And DONE! It hurt, I was more tired than I should have been, but I never ever regret going out for a run!!

Refuelling and rehydrating with coconut water. My calves can be really tight and crampy, so getting enough potassium is super important for me.

Here’s the route thanks to the Daily Mile:

As the website so kindly points out, I was sllloooowwwww.

My goal is to complete 21.1km in under 2 hours. Running 14km in 1:49 is definitely not fast enough!

This weekend will be interesting long run wise. I have a 10km race that starts at 9:15PM on Saturday, to be followed by 16km at 8:30AM on Sunday. Yeah, I’ll have to see how that goes…

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