I wanted to let them play

Good Sunday morning!

Happy last day of the Olympics! Will you be watching the closing ceremonies? Are you pumped for the Spice Girls!?

I have a story for y’all this morning.

Yesterday we had a condo showing (yay!!) while I was marking exams and The Cowboy was planning on going shooting with his buddies. Normally in this situation we’d just leave the kitties loose in the condo, but The Cowboy decided he wanted them out. Since we were both going to be gone for so long we really couldn’t leave them in their crate, so he took them to his shop.

To his 2400 sq ft shop filled with nooks and crannies for kitties to hide.

I finished my marking around 8pm, came home and waited for The Cowboy. When he wasn’t home by 10pm I arranged to pick up the spare key and headed to the shop.

After 15 minutes of searching, I found this guy


I think he was happy to see me.

I continued to search for Merlin for 45 minutes until The Cowboy turned up, then we looked for another hour. Finally at 12:30 I needed to go to bed and we decided we’d look in the morning.

The Cowboy woke himself up at 8 (after going to bed at 2!) to look for Merlin.

When he got to the shop he saw this


He looks pleased doesn’t he?!

The Cowboy managed to catch him, but he got scared and broke out of the box. He’s hiding somewhere………The Cowboy has been waiting an hour for Merlin to come out of hiding…no luck.

But the dog-cat? He’s been by my side all morning. Hopefully Merlin will let us catch him this afternoon. Silly, silly cat.

3 thoughts on “I wanted to let them play

  1. I was hoping I'd read that you got him home safe and sound! There is something very skittish about thos Siamese mix kitties. Good luck! I hope you get him back home again soon.
    My recent post Hide And Seek

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