CSA Thursday

Holy jeepers, my stat counter has got to be out of control. Over 800 views yesterday. What the what?! Wowzers.

Not working this week has obviously messed with my blogging schedule. Instead of sitting down to write this morning I decided to go for a 10km run, which involved a killer set of hills. Now if only I can keep up the fitness when I head back to work.

Confession: the run was really just to work off the ridiculous amount of food I stress ate yesterday. I should have cooked with the lovely veggies I picked up yesterday, instead The Cowboy and I went out for dinner and I devoured a lobster grilled cheese instead.

I’ve said it before, but I really am loving my CSA – it’s such fun seeing what veggies we get to pick up each week!

As always, a beautiful looking flower!


Turnips. I think I can roast them? Maybe?

Beets – these will definitely be roasted! (Is it just me, or do beets seem more like a fall vegetable than a summer vegetable?)

Uh-mazing looking carrots.

Bag o’ mixed greens


The cutest strawberries I’ve evah seen!!

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