In My Purse

Yesterday was a bit of a slow day at work (I HAAAAAAATE waiting on things!) so I decided to take a peek inside my purse and give it a bit of a clean.

It was heavy and I couldn’t find anything – two very good reasons for a clean!


The before – I can’t even see my wallet in here! Yikes!


L to R: empty mint packet, receipts, Starbucks card, empty gum wrapper, coconut lip balm, access card, linty mint, pen, change, house keys.

Needless to say, the garbage was tossed.


L to R: reminder for a March massage appointment, coconut lip balm, $0 Starbucks card, gum wrapper, business card from a year ago, business card from our favourite Okanagan distillery.


L to R: programs for Stampede, tickets for Stampede, pizza receipt, empty mint wrapper, Lottery tickets (one is a $2 winner, but I don’t know what one!), more receipts.


L to R: sunglasses case, hand lotion, floss (drugstore run and forgot to take them out of my bag), two empty (one lidless) Midol containers, lip balm, Garmin (from a run on the weekend), change purse, wallet, toothbrushes (from aforementioned drugstore run).


Front pocket of my purse contains the innards of the empty Midol container – with lint as an added bonus. Ick.


The finished, organized end product.


I can see my wallet! Smile

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