CSA Thursday

The Cowboy and I signed up for a CSA (aka – Community Shared Agriculture) program for this summer. We love visiting the Farmer’s Market, but found a lot of the produce wasn’t even local – some of it was even from Mexico! Ick. Sad smile

When I found a CSA in our area, I immediately signed us up!

Our first pick up wasn’t until this week as a cool and wet spring delayed some of the crops.

Our pickup is at a place called Forage Foods (and will be close to our new home…..if things ever work out…….) and Forage Foods bakes fresh bread every Wednesday. You better believe we’ll be picking up a loaf with our veggies each week.

We also receive fresh wildflowers with the veggies, which is almost as good as fresh bread and veggies…..almost.


Wild flowers, extra classy in a tonic water bottle. We even picked the non-poisonous to cats flowers Smile


Chili pepper. This will go on our balcony – and will hopefully survive. I’m not a green thumb, so I’m hoping The Cowboy can keep it alive!


Fresh baked multigrain ale bread. So yummy!


Amazing looking radishes.


Mixed greens, including salad and not-so-salad greens.


Garlic scapes. Note: are not the same as green onion, although they look similar. Just chop ‘em up and use where you’d use garlic.


Potatoes. They’ll be a summer potato salad coming up soon!


Salad made with greens (I picked out the salad looking ones for the salad) and radishes from the haul!


Completed dinner: left over stead warmed up with garlic scapes on multigrain ale bread with caramelized onion relish on top and a CSA salad.

So yummy and so summery!


Merlin having a nap on me after dinner.

It has nothing to do with the post, but I’m definitely lacking in kitten pictures lately Smile

Happy Thursday everyone!!

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