Stampede: Weekend 1


I can’t believe I’m admiting to this, but I just transferred pictures from my Mac to my PC, so I can update posts with Windows Live Writer. Seriously. Now I need to find a similar option for the Mac!

Per tradition, my dad and his girlfriend came to Calgary for Stampede. They arrived on Thursday and left this morning to Drumheller and the Tyrell Museum.


My dad and his gf arrived just in time for dinner (and just after a showing) on Thursday.

We enjoyed some amazing pulled pork sandwiches (his gf had never had pulled pork before) and we headed over to the grounds for Sneak-a-Peek.

Stampede didn’t officially start until Friday, but Thursday even from 5-12 is Sneak-a-Peek where admission is half price ($8 instead of $16) and all the midway rides and booths are open.

We paid our $8 and wandered around.

First things first – I found some awesome cowboy boots. I’ve been wanting a new pair of boots for a while, so when I saw these, I just knew I had to buy ‘em.

Stampede 2012 (1) 12

How cute are these?!

We continued wandering around and also found some super fun Rednek wine glasses – of course we bought a set of 4…..

Stampede 2012 (1) 16

The Cowboy found a tank to sit in

Jason tank

We saw a wooden horse statue

wood horse

And a very large horse head

horse head

Then we wandered indoors.

What was the first thing I saw?!


So, so good. I knew I had to buy 3 jars

Stampede 2012 (1) 15

L to R: Dark Chocolate Banana, Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate Cherry. Oh em gee.

We wandered a bit more and the most beautiful boots (yes, more boots) caught my eye.

I wavered back and forth on purchasing these, but, in the end, they sold themselves…

Stampede 2012 (1) 11

Our last, but certainly not least, purchase of Sneak-a-Peek was some fudge

Stampede 2012 (1) 14Stampede 2012 (1) 13

We’ve been enjoying tiny bites of fudge every night for dessert.



Stampede kicks off with a parade on the official start date: the first Friday of July.

We ate some breakfast and walked a few blocks to the parade route to watch some of it go buy. There were around 400,000 people watching the parade, so I wasn’t able to get many good pictures, but it was nice to see what we could.

Stampede 2012 (1) 10

After watching the parade go by for about 90 minutes, we headed back home: The Cowboy had to head into work and the rest of us had tickets for the rodeo!

Being the 100th Anniversary of Stampede, many of the good seats were already sold out, but I managed to find 3 decent seats together for the afternoon.

The year the rodeo was kicked off by the RCMP Musical Ride

Stampede 2012 (1) 8


Stampede 2012 (1) 9

Then it was time for the rodeo to begin!

Stampede 2012 (1) 7

Even Instagram makes mediocre seats look cool:

rodeo seats

Stampede 2012 (1) 6

The weather didn’t cooperate for the whole afternoon and we were forced inside the grandstand for about 30 minutes while we waited for the rain clouds to pass

rainy rodeo

After the rodeo we headed back inside to the shops and I picked up 3 more jars of peanut butter. What?! They had 6 flavours, I had to try them all!

Stampede 2012 (1) 1

L to R: White Chocolate Raspberry, White Chocolate Pretzel, Maple Bacon.

After spending all day in the sun we were pooped and went to bed early.


Three of us (The Cowboy slept in) woke up early on Saturday to get a 5k warm up run in as we had all registered for a 10km race on the Sunday. We figured it would be best to get it in early as they weather was predicted to warm up quite a bit over the weekend.

After our run, we waited for The Cowboy to wake up and made a plan for the day. Three of us needed to pick up race packages, and my dad and his gf wanted to see the area where we’re (still) hoping to build our house, so we planned to do that and then head out and shoot some guns.

Confession: I wasn’t thrilled about the whole “let’s go shoot guns thing” but I was a good sport and played along. It’s a good thing too, because I ended up having a blast with my baby .22 Smile

Stampede 2012 (1) 3


Stampede 2012 (1) 2

By the time we were done at the gun range, it was late and we were an hour away from home, so we picked up some dinner and headed to bed early since some of us had to wake up early for a run…


Sunday morning didn’t quite go as planned:

  • I woke up around 2am to a puking cat
  • I woke up at 4am with a sore throat
  • Sore throat kept me awake until I had to be up at 6:30am to get ready for the race
  • Cat pooped on my dad’s bed just as we were going to head out the door

Definitely not the best start to a day, but, what can you do?!

I really, really wasn’t feeling 100% as my cold was showing no signs of clearing up (and has kept me home from work today!) but decided I’d do my best on the race.

I was feeling great until just after the 5km water station. I wasn’t used to running in the heat and it was heating up to be the hottest day of the year (which has since been beaten by Monday’s weather) and I stopped sweating at the 6km mark. But – my time was good. When I initially started out, I was thinking I’d probably finish around 1:15, but my splits were showing me closer to the 1:00 – 1:05 mark, so – I kept running.

I finished in 1:03 (adjusted) which I was very pleased with. I’ve really only ran about 4 times in the past month.

However, running with a cold didn’t help me any and I spent the rest of the day Sunday on the couch, resting and whining.

I’m not much better today.

I’m crossing my fingers I’m better by Thursday as The Cowboy and I have tickets to the Chuckwagons and the Grandstand Show – and I need to eat some deep fried oreos! Smile

2 thoughts on “Stampede: Weekend 1

  1. Oooh i have that peanut butter!! The salted caramel and i tried the banana one. So crazy! You will have to tell us how yummy the rest of the flavours are.

    I love the musical ride, i also love me a mountie in his red serge. I have never been to the calgary stampede or a rodeo, it looks pretty awesome.
    I hope you’re feeling better 🙂

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