Stampede Must Haves


With Stampede just around the corner here are a few of the “must have” items if you’re planning on Stampeding during the 100th Anniversary of Stampede:

Cowboy Hat


The traditional Calgary Stampede hat is a white Smithbilt hat; however, feel free to wear whatever suits your fancy.

Heck, I even have a pink one!

Cowboy Boots


A fancy pair of cowboy boots will definitely help you look the part. Bonus points for authenticity if you have either horse or cow poop on them!

There’s a Lammle’s on site, and you can pick up a hat and boots (among other paraphernalia) before heading to an event!



No, they don’t have to be Wrangles, but jeans with the boots and the hat will help you look the part.

Ladies, feel free to change it up and wear a fun western style dress or even a denim skirt!



Why do you need money, you ask?!

Well, that beer isn’t going to buy itself, now is it?

Same with deep fried oreos, corn dogs, burgers and mini donuts.

Don’t forget about the Stampede Market (a great place to cool off from the sun!) where you can purchase pretty much anything! (Don’t forget to buy some fudge!!)



Even if you haven’t purchased tickets to the Rodeo or Grandstand Show (hint: buy tickets!) you’ll still want to take some pictures on the grounds. Probably of your food. Or you new cowboy hat and boots. Or maybe you’ve decided to take the zip line for a spin.

Anyway you look at it – don’t forget your camera!

Stampede Planner


Click here to view the Stampede planner online or download a copy to your iPhone, Blackberry or Android device.

Especially helpful when you’re on the grounds and aren’t sure if there’s a show coming up worth seeing. Plan your day in the planner and see what’s around!

For more Stampede dress, check out this article from the HuffingtonPost.

One thought on “Stampede Must Haves

  1. Every year I read your Stampede post and think “That looks like so much fun! I HAVE to go next year!” And then, well, I totally forget until you talk about it again. SO here I sit, jealous of you and your deep fried oreo goodness!

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