Is a calorie just a calorie

All of your totally awesome and wonderful comments on my healthful eating post have inspired me to talk a bit more about being healthy. Like, truly healthy.

I love talking about food and calories and nutrition and physical activity that if I weren’t an accountant, I’m sure I’d be a registered dietician. Before going to school for accounting I was actually enrolled in a Sports Psychology program where I took classes such as Nutrition, Early Childhood Athletics, Dance, Swimming, etc, so I think to think I’m somewhat qualified to talk about this kind of stuff.

But, as always, remember to consult doctors and all that jazz before doing anything too crazy 🙂


I’m sure we’ve all heard it somewhere: a calorie, is a calorie, is a calorie. Right?

Well, only kind of, in my opinion.

Yes, the weight loss equation is simple: calories in < calories out = weight loss.

I’ve even seen things such as: you could eat 1200 calories of blubber and still lose weight.

While I believe this, as a fact, is true, I do not, in any way, believe this is healthy.

I could probably lose weight by only ever eating 1200 calories a day of McDonald’s french fries, but I don’t think I’d be doing my body any service.

In my short time taking Nutrition classes we studied food logs of people going through weight loss programs. Time and time again I saw people eating biscuits, chips, cheesies and pop – but were all meeting their reduced calorie goal, so it’s all okay, right?

I say no.

It’s not.

Eating like crap, but only consuming a reduced amount of crap, is still just putting crap into your body.

Unhealthful eating will not supply your body with the nutrients required in order to repair cells, build muscle and strengthen bones.

1200 calories of McDonald’s french fries is still full of fat and sodium and has virtually no real nutritional value. At all.

This is only bound to cause bodies to feel tired and sluggish. Not a great way to lose weight and be healthy, in my opinion.

I’m a firm believer that we are all better off eating healthfully and eating slightly more than the allotted calorie amounts than eating unhealthfully and meeting the calorie goal.

In the end, reducing calories and exercising shouldn’t just be about that number on the scale; it should be a start of a new lifestyle a way of eating healthfully that can be followed past the time of losing weight.

This doesn’t mean treats can’t be incorporated (I love me come cookies!) but only eating 1200 calories of cookies a day and nothing else isn’t going to honour my body and provide it with the nourishment it needs.

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