A day in the life: Thursday

One of my favourite kinds of posts to read is how other bloggers to day-to-day.

I’ve had this planned in the back of my mind, oh forever, but, much like WIAW, I forget to take the pictures to go along with the story.

Thursday I finally remembered to take pictures ๐Ÿ™‚


10 minutes before my alarm is set to go off, I’m awoken by pathetic you don’t love us meows. Being the pushover that I am, I crawl out of bed, open the bedroom door and crawl back into bed with this:

This is a terrible picture and it’s hard to tell, by Maverick is kneading and sucking on the brown blanket. It’s his security blanket. I’m told he’ll do this forever as it’s something he does to comfort himself as a result of being weaned so, so early.

Merlin is content to purr and attack feet at the end of the bed.

I โค kitten cuddle time, even if it does mean I wake up at 6am.

I finally drag my butt out of bed to get ready for the day.

Step 1:

Merlin plays in the bathtub while I do bathroom things.

Step 2:

Coffee and iPad time. I like to give myself 15-20 minutes to enjoy my coffee and do some blog reading before really getting ready for the day.

I have to say, I really, really, really LOVE my iPad.

Time to start packing my lunch!

Egg salad with spinach on sprouted grain. Yum! I’m not normally much of a sandwich fan, but this week egg salad just seemed to speak to me.

Everything ready to go!

Now it’s time to get dressed.

Quick search in my closet for a dress and some leggings so I can turn this:

Into this:

Not too shabby.

Weather check:


Time to find a jacket that’ll keep me warm AND dry. Not an easy task when most of my jackets are either wool for a cold winter or a light shell for a warm and rainy spring.

Very much not pleased that I’m wearing a winter jacket in MAY.

C’mon Calgary, what the heck?!

Rain boots are also important!

Time to head out the door……

….into the elevator…..

…..and out into the rain.

Thankfully I only needed to walk in the rain for about 15 minutes before I could pop into the indoor walkway system to walk the rest of the way to my client

Made it to the client after 30 minutes after walking – and only a little bit like a drowned rat!


Breakfast time!

Enjoyed with a view of the rainy weather.

Time to write up the “to do” list and get down to work!

I spent my morning switching back and forth between clients and answering emails from students about our qualification program. Whew! Busy, busy morning!

Snack time! I don’t normally eat “snacky” things, but I was hangry so a blueberry square was had. Yum!

I only fully crossed off 4 items on my “to do” list before lunch, but I tend to include more work than I can do in a day to keep me motivated and moving along.

Mmmm. Yummy egg sandwich time.

It was so delicious I could have eaten two……but it’s probably a good thing I didn’t ๐Ÿ™‚

More crossing off items on the “to do” list this afternoon.

And a stressful phone call from The Cowboy about our business.


Not always a fun phone call to get during the day…….

Thankfully it was almost home time.

And home time means…..


While discussing said stressful business situation.

Next up?

Dinner prep!

I was kept company by this guy while cooking:

He thinks he’s sneaky.

He’s not ๐Ÿ™‚

Dinner is served. Simple, but very yum!

And you know what they say about beans?

Yeah…….it’s true…..

Grab the suitcase!

It’s time to:


……gather toiletries……

…..and pack!

We’re headed to Vancouver at 5pm on Friday.


Next up?

Feed the kitties.

Make some tea.

Watch Revenge.

We didn’t start watching until a few days ago and are only on episode 6 but we’re loving the show! I have a feeling it really won’t take us long at all to catch up.

Time for bed!

G’night ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “A day in the life: Thursday

  1. Your rain boots are cute!

    I like Maverick and his security blanket! Maybe one day heโ€™ll turn into my cat and drag the blanket all overโ€ฆ The other day Iโ€™m on the computer and hear really loud purring. I turn around and he had dragged the blanket across the house and was sitting there kneading / sucking it. So strange.

    • I'm sure if the blanket were smalled he'd already be dragging it all around the house! It's a queen-sized blanket, so he'll have to get a bit bigger before that'll work for him.The only time he ever purrs is when he's on his blanket too – so funny. But I know I'm guaranteed cuddles so long as I have the blanket on the bed ๐Ÿ™‚

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