Moar Kitties

Lately the ole blog has been sorely lacking in the kitteh department.

Now that the kittens have kind of learned how to sleep (except when we want to sleep!) it’s easier for me to take pictures of them.

When did they get so big?!?!

8 thoughts on “Moar Kitties

  1. Awww, they are so cute!

    Love Merlin’s blue eyes and the little patch of white on Maverick.

    Hopefully one day they will learn to sleep when you guys do – although we are still waiting for ours to learn that… (apparently 1am is a REALLY FUN time to play with the blinds, every morning)

    • I'm not holding my breath ;)We've started locking them out of the bedroom when we sleep, but this means I'm awoken by pathetic kitten cries at 6am asking why we don't love them anymore 🙂

  2. I can’t believe how huge they are!!! And OMG, so freaking adorable!!!!!

    Bandit (my siamese-ish cat) used to be very light colored just like yours, but as she gets older her fur is turning very dark. I wonder if yours will, too.

    • I'm surprised Merlin has stayed so light for so long. The siamese we had growing up all went really dark, but we've had him since Feb and he isn't any darker on his body, just on his points. I'm kind of hoping that he stays light as it so pretty. He's also ridiculously soft; unbelievably soft. I LOVE it.

    • I know! Little stinkers. Once they fall asleep in bed they're good until morning, but they've decided that 11pm until 12:30 or so is designated playtime. Silly kitteh's. They're lucky they're cute! 😉

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