Because something is better than nothing

  •  Work has seriously kicked my arse. It’s slower now. Thank-freaking-goodness.
  • I’m still fighting this gosh-darn cold. This also means no gym for me, what with all the snotting and the coughing. No fun.
  • I haven’t eaten meat since last Thursday. I haven’t consciously avoided it, it’s just worked out that way
  • After wearing nothing but dresses while in Houston, I’m on a dress kick here too. Except…’s supposed to snow tomorrow :S

  • I took pictures for a WIAW post, but they’re so “blah” because of this “only eating veggie plan” I decided would be a good idea. Instead, I’m going to dissect the cleanse and my thoughts on it (possibly tomorrow)
  • Since work is so freaking busy, The Cowboy and I aren’t doing anything for our birthdays. I’ll cook him a nice dinner and I made a reservation at a restaurant for mine, but that’s it. No party for us this year.
  • We’re flying to Vancouver in 2 weeks for a concert and I’m SOOOO excited! I ❤ Vancouver.
  • While unpacking my suitcase last night I also decided to clean out my closet. I have 21 pairs of jeans. Seriously. 21. I don’t think I need jeans anytime soon…
  • There are currently 684 unread posts in my Google Reader. I’m very close to declaring Google Reader bankruptcy. Or I’ll just spend the weekend GLUED to my computer reading
  • The kittens have finally (knock on wood) figured out how to sleep through the night. It’s very much appreciated

2 thoughts on “Because something is better than nothing

  1. ooh Vancouver! Yay! How long are you here for? Should we try to make plans for coffee or a beverage?

    Also… 21 pairs of jeans??? I have 7 pairs and only 2 fit me properly. (i gotta fix that).

    • Fly in around 6pm on the 25 and out around 6pm on the 27, so only 48 hours-ish for a concert, but I'd LOVE to meet up for coffee or a meal or something!We're still trying to sort out our plans as my IL's AND my dad and his gf AND The Cowboy's friend and his gf are all coming in for the same concert – I have a feeling planning anything will resemble herding cats.We're staying right downtown at l'Hermitage, but are planning on going to Granville Island on Saturday, probably for lunch and maybe to line up a brewery tour – maybe we can arrange to meet there on Sat?And yes, the jeans thing is ridiculous! I actually FORGOT I owned a pair of William Rast jeans. SERIOUSLY! My closet is out of control!On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 2:00 PM, Angela Williams <> wrote: approve

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