Stuff I Love: Soda Stream

Over Christmas, The Cowboy and I were wandering around The Bay and spotted a SodaStream machine.

I had heard about them, forgotten about them, remembered Lauren thinks they’re awesome, and decided I absolutely needed one.

Instead of just shelling out our cash, we waited until after celebrating Christmas with The Cowboy’s parents and used some of the Christmas money from his grandfather to buy the Gensis starter kit and two flavours (Coke Zero and diet root beer).

The verdict? It. Is. Awesome. (and we’re drinking A LOT of root beer!).

Start with clean empty Sodastream bottles

Fill with water to the fill line

Attach to Sodastream and fill with CO2

Grab the root beer concentrate

Add to the carbonated water and ENJOY!

And finally, a picture of Maverick trying to drink beer 🙂

4 thoughts on “Stuff I Love: Soda Stream

  1. Does the Coke Zero syrup really taste like real Coke Zero? I got Tom the Soda Stream Penguin for Christmas, since he was spending all our extra cash on San Pelligrino, but I've been curious about the soda syrups! Tom loooooves his bubbly water now!

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