This blog is now all about my cat


Not really.

But expect to see quite a few kitten pictures being posted in the next few days 🙂

The Cowboy agreed to go pay a visit to some kittens to see how he did (plus, all family members have to be present in order to adopt) and his allergies didn’t bug him even a teeny bit!


We’re trying to keep him in our bathroom/bedroom as much as possible until he settles in and to minimize the about of cat hair in the house until after the IL’s leave. I’m not even allowed to post him on Facebook until the IL’s leave because we want to keep it as quiet as possible.

He was given the name Ernest when he came in (abandoned by his mom), but The Cowboy and I decided to change it. After tossing some lame names back and forth (Blackie) we settled on Maverick – yes, it was inspired by Top Gun 🙂

He purrs on the entire time he eats…..

…and sleeps 🙂

I may have also convinced The Cowboy to let him sleep in bed with us. Maybe……

10 thoughts on “This blog is now all about my cat

  1. My recommendation is to wait to let him sleep with you until that knee jerk reaction of "ooh, something moving underneath the blanket, must be prey" ::pounce, claw, bite, attack:: After you get him neutered, he'll be much calmer. That's a better time to introduce him to sleeping in bed with you. My big kitty (six years old) is the perfect bed companion. He sleeps at the foot of the bed. Doesn't get into our faces. Very well mannered. Occasionally I'll let the younger ones (my one year old and 3 month old) sleep with us. The one year old is well mannered. The three month old thinks the crick of my neck is the only place on the bed to lay. In the middle of the night he wants to play and licks my forehead until I wake up. He has awoken me by nibbling on my ear, licking my ear, licking my nose, forehead, chin….he's just plain RUDE!!! A space invader. So….the two young ones have to sleep downstairs until they are 100% of the time sleeping through the night.
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  2. Oh, and not to freak the cowboy out, but you're better off having TWO kitties because they keep each other company while you're at work AND they are freaking hilarious when they play with each other. HOURS of sheer entertainment and laughter!
    My recent post Interesting Christmas Tidbit

    • Haha. I thought of the two kitty thing, but I don't think I can sell him on it! I always grew up with single cats – mind you, they were outdoor kitties and this guy will be strictly indoor since we're in a condo.Our little guy came neutered at 7 weeks. The vet at the adoption place does laser neutering, so they're fixed as early as 6 weeks. Hooray! I sure hope we don't have to even think about him spraying since he was neutered so early!He's sleeping on his bed in the bathroom tonight until I'm sure he has his litterbox figured out. I don't want him having an accident on the bed – and he's so tiny our bathroom gives him LOTS of room to run around if he wakes up with energy in the middle of the night 🙂

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