Sweater Season

With 4cm of snow over the weekend it looks like winter has officially arrived in CowTown. Boo.

I really shouldn’t complain too  much as we had a totally awesome fall. So awesome that I completely forgot about Christmas presents until about a week ago. Yikes! The Cowboy and I have added that to our list of things to do next weekend. Also on the list? Putting up the Christmas tree, putting up Christmas lights, wrapping presents and buying food for Christmas dinner we’ll be having with my dad on December 18. Oh, and my company Christmas party.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a December that’s been this busy. It’s much, much easier when we just go to Mexico for Christmas (or Jamaica – that’s our plan for Christmas 2012!).

With the chilly weather, it definitely was time to break out a comfy sweater. And, of course, it’s from my massive Express order. My final item arrived on Friday (I’ll be picking it up today) and I’m set with an awesome wardrobe 🙂

Gosh the lighting in this bathroom is terrible. I’m going to have to try and remember to snap some photos before leaving in the mornings (ha!), or, more likely, once I get home in the evenings. Blech.

And the heels are back! My shins have been feeling a million times better, so I’m testing them out today in heels. The Cowboy and I checked out our new gym yesterday and plan on getting our membership today, so back in shape I go!

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