Cupcake Friday

I was so excited to receive my Cupcake-o-Gram that I may have left my client’s office a tad bit early today…….Maybe.

I really, really needed this pick me up today.

I try not to talk about work too much on here. I love my job but some days it can become stressful and overwhelming and that really hit this week. I felt like I dropped the ball a little bit on my client (not to worry, it’s been cleaned up, but I shouldn’t have needed my manager to ask me to do a few things) and was feeling like I should be doing better because I’m capable of doing better.


To get a “thank you” cupcake totally made my day. It put a HUGE smile on my face to see that I had received one (via email) and an even bigger smile when I picked it up.

Here’s the cupcake:


And here’s the message:

 Keep up the good work! You are a great instructor!


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